PBWCA or Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards is an event in the Polandball Wikia Community. It is a People's Choice Awards that happens every April, August and December at Public Chatrooms. It was proposed and started by MoshAbsolute , a Content Moderator of the English Polandball Wikia.


Italian Mysterious Contributor was the first to propose the event but then it was rejected by the Polandball Wikia's Admin. After the "Prejudice" of 2015, Everything went calm and a little peaceful and later on the event was re-proposed by MoshAbsolute and he started founding and created it with the help of Bresbeba. Later on, Devonball joined the PBWCA Crew.

In the PBWCA #1, it was still suggestion season and some other decisions were made. Italian Mysterious Contributor deleted the first blogpost and was later undid by Admins since it complies to all of the rules and is said to be interesting. Also at this time, information were put in blogposts instead of Forums resulting in few users participating. At the Awarding Ceremony, MoshAbsolute couldn't attend due to some technical issues so Bresbeba continued the hosting.

In the PBWCA #2, MoshAbsolute wasn't able to finish his work due to some illness. Supposedly, it was postponed but then Bresbeba continued it. At this point, Devonball along with his backup Croatian Nationalist, became part of the Staff.

In the PBWCA #3, it was one of the first time that everything went smoothly. Devonball and Croatian Nationalist were removed due to inactivity of Devonball. But at that time, BainTheCool became one of the power source of the event due to him being powerful enough to permit announcement and other activities.

In the PBWCA #4, userboxes weren't made due to some reasons and were replaced with Discord Roles. BainTheCool became one of the most important people in helping. Roundeyes became a Legend due to having the first ever Favorite Favorite category. Also, Collisions tried to stave away new users due to new or "undeserving" users winning.


Main Staff

  • MoshAbsolute - created PBWCA, made all the trophies, half the diplomas, all userboxes, hosted twice, voting system, forums and blogposts. He also chose the nominees.
  • Bresbeba - created ideas for PBWCA, made most of the diplomas and other rewards, hosted twice, he also helped on everything.

Useful Staff

  • BainTheCool - has admin powers to supervise awarding.