PBWCA new trophy

Awards are certain Images or templates that represent nothing more than recognition. You can get them after the coronation ends and you get to be the highly nominated nominee or most known as a "favorite" in any category.

The Ideas

The PBWCA awards weren't made until the second update of PBWCA 2016 #1 wherein an icon of a Polandball standing on a golden stage having its weird golden warrior wings and a Reichtangle at its back with a golden helmet, named now as The Golden Kurwa Trophy because Polandball would likely scream "KURWA!" when he finds Reichtangle at the back. Later on, a userbox was made to showcase the trophy and the winner of a category. And at the second to the last update, a diploma was proposed by Bresbeba to show appreciation coming from the crew.

The Awards

  • The Golden Kurwa Trophy

    The First Trophy

    The Golden Kurwa Trophy - received for being a Favorite on a category. It will get changed every one-thirds a year which the PBWCA is held. The new trophy is at the top of this Heading.

    IMC's 2016 #1 PBWCA Userbox

    The Official PBWCA Userbox- Showcases The Golden Kurwa Trophy and the Favorite. It will get changes too because as the trophy changes, the pic will affect the style of the userbox.

    Ancomball's Diploma

    The Diploma of the Winners- shows appreciation to the Favorite from the Crew.