Categories are winnable titles that makes most of the Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards. They can be used to simply just show off and likely earn a piece of history or recognition of the English Polandball Wikia


History of Categories

Originally there were 14 categories in the making of this event, after many disagreements and uselessness of other categories, they were scrapped off of the categories book. 10 categories were left and sooner some categories will be removed and added.



  • Favorite Profile Picture- For the most appreciated Profile Picture owned by a certain User.
  • Favorite Comic Plotter- For the most appreciated comic maker that makes grins are makes sense.
  • Favorite Comic Artist- For the most appreciated comic maker or image maker that has good art styles and artworks.
  • Favorite User Flag- For the most appreciated Fictional Flag of a user or its personal user flag.
  • Favorite Chatter- For the most appreciated user that actively enters the chatroom.
  • Favorite Profile Page- For the most appreciated user having the neat or extraordinary user page.
  • Favorite Blogger- For the most appreciated user that makes blogposts.
  • Favorite Forum Starter- For the most appreciated user that makes good Threads on Fora.
  • Favorite Competition - For the best competition.

Special Awards

  • Favorite Favorite - If received categories is at least 4 times.
  • Favorite Legend - If received Favorite Favorite at least 4 times


  • Favorite LENNY-IST- Refers to Favorite Funny User, removed because Lennys are not allowed.
  • Favorite Mapper- Refers to Favorite Local Mapper, removed because of scarce number of mappers.
  • Favorite Fluent User- Refers to Favorite Polandball Grammar and Accent Fluent User, removed due to confusions and scarce number of fluent users.
  • Favorite Countryball- Refers to favorite Countryball, requested to be removed by BainTheCool because it is Users Only.
  • Favorite Man of Ideas- Won by Bresbeba, Refers to Favorite users that gives brilliant Ideas for shaping the Wikia. Removed due to scarce numbers of Innovators.
  • (new) Favorite User Tandem- scarce number of tandems
  • Favorite Outdoor Specialist- For the most appreciated user that's active in other websites or wikias.