Bresbeba, MoshAbsolute, Devonball and Croatian Nationalist.

These are the Founders of PBWCA:

  • MoshAbsolute- The Successor and Founder of PBWCA. Though Italian Mysterious Contributor first proposed PBWCA, it was rejected due to the unfortunate events of the English Polandball Wikia. He just reproposed the Idea and founded it. He is in charge mostly of the voting, he uses easypolls to ensure no hacking or anything, he is also in charge of the artwork and drawing the awards. He was once the Co Host.
  • Bresbeba- The main host and the Awards maker. He is in charge of what the awards would look like and what the awards should be. If you want to propose ideas in this event, contact him via Message Wall or PM. He got recruited because he proposed different things and helped the making of it.
  • Devonball- The new recruit of PBWCA Crew. He is the Co Host and PBWCA Militia General, he personally asked MoshAbsolute to Host the event and suddenly proposed a not-so-secret defense mechanism to remove the alts, unwanted users or other negative entities, you might think its a chat mod's job but its too private to talk about. He is know to contact an unknown asset by the name of 'Royal Dansk' or '005'.
    • Croatian Nationalist- a new recruit that works for Devonball. His duty is unknown, his job is unknown, but he helps PBWCA by doing things for it.