Collisions, first use of Tuxedo.

Tuxedos are traditional suits that are worn by hosts, PBWCA staff, guests and audience during certain kinds of events.

Origin of Polandball Wikia Tuxedos

These Tuxedos were first introduced by Collisions, The Creator of Polandvision, a comic contest that is affiliated to Polandball Wikia's Choice Awards. He first used the Tuxedo to host the Polandvision Contest and sooner he decided to make that his official profile picture. Later on, MoshAbsolute used the Tuxedo to Co Host the PBWCA 2016 #1, he then ordered Bresbeba to tailor his own Tuxedo. Sooner, Devonball and his Brother, Danmarkball then ordered the Italian Mysterious Contributor to make them Tuxedos for upcoming PBWCA 2016 #2. Then, Italian Mysterious Contributor tailored himself a Tuxedo, then Croatian Nationalist too.